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Alkaios · Part I · The Eagle

– Released in 2023 · Vitruve Records

Launched in 2016 by NevBorn, Alkaios is an artistic project resulting from 6 years of passionate work, bringing together many artists from different backgrounds. Telling the myth of the twelve labours of Heracles, It is composed of 12 musical pieces spread over 3 records: The Eagle, The Peacock & The Lion. The goal is to create a unique identity (Alkaios) beyond the band to gather all these “labours“ under it.

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  • Vocals // Written, composed and recorded at home by Matthieu Hinderer.
  • Bass // Composed & recorded at home by Brice Geiser.
  • Drums // Engineered by Kevin Galland. // Composed & recorded at Serre 90, La Chaux-de-Fonds by Nicolas Huguenin.
  • Guitars // Composed by Alan Gualandris, Mathieu Rubi & Matthieu Hinderer // Special thanks to Samuel Nussbaumer & Sébastien Chappuis for their work on Keryneia & Erymanthos // recorded at home by Alan Gualandris & Matthieu Hinderer.
  • Piano, Synthesizers, Samples & Drum Machines // Composed & recorded at home by Matthieu Hinderer.
  • Piano on Keryneia‘s intro // Composed & recorded at home by Mélusine Chappuis.
  • Mixing // Kevin Galland at Studio Mécanique, La Chaux-de-Fonds.
  • Mastering // Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Stockholm.
  • Disc cover artwork // Marion Jiranek.
  • Disc cover layout // Matthieu Hinderer.
  • Side artworks // Brice Geiser, Vincent Taiani, Cyriaque Skrapits, David Haldimann.


– Released in 2017 · Czar of Crickets & Cold Smoke Records

Daídalos is a one-track concept EP based on the myth of Icarus’s death. Featured by Loïc Rossetti (The Ocean), they imagined and recreated the conversation between Icarus and his father, Dædalus, in the legendary Minotaur maze. The 18-minute piece transmits all the emotions of both heroes’ history, from pure anger to complete ataraxia.

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Five Horizons

– Released in 2015 · Hummus Records

In the words of Hummus Records: “NevBorn has a message to send, way beyond their five mysterious horizons. Could it be that post-hardcore still has a beating heart ? How do these 5 swiss youngsters dare to pretend to bring anything new to the table ? Heavy drums, massive simplistic riffs and screamed vocals interrupting melancholic spatial ambiances. We all heard this 20 years ago already – but this also means they’re born with it ! This sad, violent and introspective music flows naturally through their veins and poisons matthieu hinderer’s urgent and touching vocals. What could have been a well-educated stylistic homework reveals itself as a true physical journey. Sincere emotions transcripted in guitar distortion that are about to blast the last depressive remains of your adolescents frustrations.”


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Backing vocals






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We are a progressive metal band (Circa survive, The Ocean, Tesseract, Agent Fresco, …) from Western Switzerland. Although inspired by many different sources, our songs stand out because of their narrative side in the way of a movie soundtrack.

Our first album “Five Horizons” released in 2015 after a few demos was warmly received by the critics and pushed us to go further in our creative process.

In 2017, we tested our audience by releasing “Daídalos” a one-song EP of almost 20 minutes. Despite our fear that a piece of such length would not pass, the critics were on our side.

Thus, “Daídalos” marked a turning point in the history of the band and our way of composing focused on the idea of offering our pieces not as pieces of music, but as a compilation of different chapters of a long story.


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